Issue 2015-01

Issue 2015-01

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2015-01
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The first issue of the third volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of nine separate scientific studies, one review of notable scientific publication as well as two pieces of interesting information in two different languages – in the English and Slovak languages. Within the section “Studies” the first study offers readers very broadly, systematically, and in detail the questions of new legislative rules of agency work in the Slovak Republic. The following study analyzes the key issues of tenancy law in Slovakia from the view of the housing situation as well as economic, urban, and social factors of housing. The third study accurately analyzes and on basis of individual cases explains the fundamental questions of the employment contract as a central institute of labour law, particularly in the context of comparing the past and present status. The following study concentrates on the example of Poland on detailed clarification and in-depth analysis of selected questions of identity of criminal law at the time of the European integration. The fifth study analyzes in detail, streamlines, and clarifies the issues of liability aspects of cross-border transport of nuclear material, with special accent laid on the “Vienna Regime” in the field of nuclear law. The following study offers readers qualifying and clarifying the key definitions and models of restorative justice. The seventh study is devoted to socially determining questions of legislation of abortion and neonaticide in socialist criminal law. In order further scientific paper offers basic legislative facts of the relationship between assets positions and financial autonomy of the self-governing regions in the Slovak Republic and at the same time analyzes their utilization rate of assets related to obtaining additional sources of funding. The last study very precisely analyzes and deeply evaluates the websites’ accessibility of the central public administration bodies in the Trnava region from the view of applying the skip navigation mechanism. The following section “Reviews” offers readers review of a new unique scientific book – History of the State and Law on the Territory of Slovakia II. (1848 – 1948), and the final section “Information” provides key answers to the question why to study law at the Faculty of Law of the Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia, and also the overview of scientific events organized by the Faculty of Law, Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia, until the end of the year 2015.

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