The Gifts to a Dowry (a Contribution to a donatio sub modo)

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Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2019-04
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  • Published on: 31. 12. 2019
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Veronika Kleňová

In: Societas et iurisprudentia • 2019 • Volume 7 • Issue 4 • Pages 63-97 • ISSN 1339-5467

Abstract: The “gifts” to a dowry can be divided into three groups of cases. Their explanation should show: 1.) that the donation was in the classical Roman law incompatible with the donor’s right of recovery (condictio); 2.) that a gratuitous transaction was treated as a datio ob rem if the “donor” had the condictio in the event that the condition (modus) will not be fulfilled; and 3.) that it was not decisive for the assessment of the legal transaction as a gift in whose interest the fulfilment of the condition (modus) was.

Key Words: Roman Law; donation; Providing of a Dowry; modus; condictio ob rem; Features of a Gift; dos profecticia; dos adventicia.


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KLEŇOVÁ, V. Zuwendungen einer zur Mitgift bestimmten Sache (zugleich zur Schenkung unter Auflage). Societas et iurisprudentia [online]. 2019, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 63-97 [cit. 2020-01-01]. ISSN 1339-5467. Available at: