Issue 2014-01

Issue 2014-01

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2014-01
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The first issue of the second volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of ten separate scientific papers in four languages – in the English, Spanish, Czech and Slovak languages. The first study presents readers the Polish police, its mission and tasks in the role of the agent for the protection of human rights in Poland. The following study entitled “Prolegomena in the Canon Law – the Charismas and Their Institutionalization in the Early Church” analyzes key questions of the Canon law. Also the third study analyzes and clarifies historical context, this time from the view of kinship and family law applied in the Aztec urban state of Tenochtitlan in prehispanic Mexico. The next study systematically and in detail explains the questions of current and anticipated future possibilities to identify individuals based on the DNA analysis in favour of forensic genetics. The fifth study is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the questions of the procedural aspects of liability for nuclear damage, particularly in terms of its current international provisions. The following study offers readers clarifying the issue of the right to privacy of employees from the view of the legal practice of courts in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. The seventh study presents and analyzes in detail the legal context of abortion and infanticide in the modern Hungarian criminal law. The following scientific paper comprehensively explains, analyzes and evaluates the functions of the personnel marketing in the perception of business managements in the Slovak Republic. In order the penultimate scientific paper defines and on the example of the construction sector explains the questions of work injuries in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Slovak Republic, and the final scientific paper clarifies, analyzes and illustrates the term and definition of the disparity focused personnel audit.

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