Issue 2016-02

Issue 2016-02

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2016-02
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The second issue of the fourth volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of six separate scientific studies as well as one scientific essay in three different languages – in the English, Russian, and Slovak languages. The initial study presents very broadly, systematically, and clearly the issues concerning the application of new technologies in the field of labour law and related legal protection of employees in the Slovak Republic. The following study offers readers consistently clarified and exhaustively elucidated interpretation of the institute of tax obligation as a category of tax law according to the Ukrainian legal order. The third study brings explanation, clarification as well as very precise analysis of the term of “Ius Puniendi” and of its sources in the era of the European integration, where a special attention is given to selected issues of their application in the Republic of Poland. The fourth study accurately analyses and thoroughly clarifies questions relating to the issue of tax license of legal person under the law of the Slovak Republic. The following study carefully clarifies, analyses, and evaluates the current legal state and key results connected with the questions of the MiFID II application and related issues arising from the implementation of the new regulatory package in the field of international finance instruments. The final study very precisely analyses and deeply evaluates the websites’ accessibility of the central public administration bodies in the Prešov region from the view of applying the skip navigation mechanism. Scientific essay included at the end of the current issue of the journal discusses the up-to-date key issues of protection of employees against dismissal during the transfer of the employer in terms of the European labour law.

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