Issue 2018-02

Issue 2018-02

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2018-02
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The second issue of the sixth volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of six separate scientific studies and one scientific essay in four different languages – in the English, Russian, Czech and Slovak languages. Within the section “Studies”, the first study offers readers a very complex and detailed view of the basic key problems of the recognition of the scientific discovery as object of the intellectual property rights, above all in the post-Soviet countries. The following study thoroughly analyses, streamlines and exemplarily explains the issues of the right to strike in light of the International Labour Organization recommendations as well as the current recommendations of the Czech jurisdiction. The third study concentrates on a very detailed systematic clarification as well as in-depth analysis of the questions of the socio-historical factors for establishing the institute of innkeepers’ liability and its current legal and economic context of existence. The next study offers readers systematic and thorough qualifying and clarifying of the key legal questions of the opportunity for movement of workers on the territory of the Czech Republic. The fifth study presents, streamlines, analyses in detail and clarifies the issues of the international legal aspects of the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula. The final study very precisely analyses, deeply explains and compares the principle of the non-discrimination in the B2B relationships, especially in the legal environment of the Slovak Republic. The following scientific essay offered in the new issue is devoted to the questions related to aspects of euthanasia in the criminal law.

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