Issue 2021-03

Issue 2021-03

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2021-03
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The third issue of the ninth volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of five separate scientific papers – three scientific studies and two scientific essays devoted to socially and legally extremely up to date topics, written in three different languages – in the English, Czech and Slovak languages. Within the section “Studies”, the very first study brings readers a very complex and detailed view of the key issues in the field of improving the legal regulation of the assessment of ability to work, enshrined in the Czech legal system. The following study thoroughly analyses, streamlines and exemplarily explains the issues of suicide and assisted suicide in the criminal law and the canon law, with a specific focus laid on the Slovak legislation. The third study concentrates on a very detailed systematic clarification as well as in-depth analysis and comprehensive comparison of selected, particularly pressing problems of the current regulation of the representation of minors by selected entities. Within the section “Essays”, the very first essay presents, streamlines, analyses in detail and clarifies the possible challenges to the insolvency law in the 21st Century. Finally, the second essay and, at the same time, the last scientific paper in the current issue offers an extremely interesting and interdisciplinary, especially legal and economic interpretation of the Theory of Justice by the Nobel Prize Winner for the economy Amartya Sen from the view of prevention and combating injustices that can be avoided, while focusing on one of the key countries in the world – Brazil.

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