Issue 2023-01

Issue 2023-01

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2023-01
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The first issue of the eleventh volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of four separate scientific studies as well as one notable scientific publication written in three different languages – in the English, Czech and Slovak languages. The very first study offers readers a very complex and detailed view of the key and extremely topical issues of the still unresolved Polish-German dispute regarding reparations related to the period of the Second World War. The following study thoroughly analyses, clarifies and exemplarily explains the issue of the criminological perspective on economic crimes in specific cases of money laundering and tax evasion, applying the experience of the Romanian criminal law. The third study concentrates on a very detailed systematic clarification as well as in-depth analysis and comprehensive synthesis of the benefits and impacts of the current Czech legislation on the institute of liability of the holder of a public office in an independent body for an unlawful decision, using the example of the Czech Television Council. The final study presents systematic and thorough qualifying and clarifying of the key questions related to the issue of whistleblower protection in Poland, based on the analysis of the situation of the Polish officers and professional soldiers. The section “Reviews”, placed at the end of the current issue, offers an interesting review of a new unique Czech scientific collective monograph dedicated to administrative justice, which will serve equally well not only the Czech, but also the Slovak broad professional and lay public.

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