Internal Personnel Audit

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Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2015-02
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  • Published on: 30. 6. 2015
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Martin Andrejčák

In: Societas et iurisprudentia • 2015 • Volume 3 • Issue 2 • Pages 128-135 • ISSN 1339-5467

Abstract: Even in the 20th Century a big shift did not occur in the concept of the personnel audit. The Society for Human Resource Management states the following: “The personnel audit is the process of evaluating programs and services for human resources for determining the efficacy or effectiveness.” The usage of the word “assessment” is not qualified and can mislead the manager of human resources to the fact that the audit is only considered as a kind of assessment. Here arises a problem of the misleading definition that does not provide an accurate context for auditing and also does not recognize the different types of audits. The following scientific article tries to outline the internal personnel audit, the different types of internal personnel audit as well as the aims of the internal personnel audit. The presented paper was created within the project VEGA 1/0662/15.

Key Words: Personnel Audit; Internal Personnel Audit; Types of Internal Personnel Audit; Aims of Internal Personnel Audit.


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