Issue 2015-02

Issue 2015-02

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2015-02
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The second issue of the third volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of ten separate scientific studies and papers as well as one information on preparing an international scientific conference in four different languages – in the English, German, Czech, and Slovak languages. Within the section “Studies” the first study offers readers on the basis of a detailed comparative analysis a view of legal aspects of the system of criminal penalties according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in comparison to the legislations of the European Union countries. The second study presents very broadly, systematically, and clearly the questions of the employment termination from the point of view of good morals. The following study analyzes the key results resulting from research connected to the education of the local self-government officials in the Czech Republic. The fourth study accurately analyzes and on basis of the current Slovak legislation explains the fundamental questions of the transposition of requirements of the right to assemble in the legislation of the administrative law in the Slovak Republic. The next study concentrates on explaining and clarifying the positive achievements achieved by the United Nations Security Council during the Slovak presidency in this international body. The sixth study analyzes in detail, streamlines, and clarifies the issues related to the female unemployment as well as its main differences based on comparison of two European capitals – Vienna and Bratislava. The following study offers readers very interesting facts in the area of politics of health and safety at work resulting from a scientific research recently realized in the Slovak companies. In order further scientific paper presents qualifying and clarifying the key definitions and aspects of questions of the internal personnel audit. The ninth scientific paper is devoted to very broadly communicated issues of multiculturalism in internal communication, with the main accent laid on the communication tools. The last study very precisely analyzes and deeply evaluates the websites’ accessibility of the central public administration bodies in the Trenčín region from the view of applying the skip navigation mechanism. Moreover, the section “Information” offers invitation as well as main information about preparing the international scientific conference XII. Luby Law Days – Dies Luby Iurisprudentiae organized under the auspices of the Štefan Luby Foundation and the Faculty of Law, Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia, this year on the topic “Damages as a Remedy in Private Law”.

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