Issue 2017-04

Issue 2017-04

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2017-04
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The fourth issue of the fifth volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of eight separate scientific studies, one scientific essay as well as one information in four different languages – in the English, Russian, Czech, and Slovak languages. Within the section “Studies” the first study offers readers a very complex and detailed view of the questions relating to the foreign experience and prospects of implementation of the derivative suit in the legal order of Ukraine. The following study thoroughly analyses, streamlines and exemplarily explains the issues of the institutes of rescission of contract and termination by notice concerning the labour law and civil law relations in the Slovak Republic. The third study concentrates on a very detailed systematic clarification as well as in-depth analysis of the questions of development, present shape and institutional support of international legal regime of air space. The next study offers readers systematic and thorough qualifying and clarifying of the key questions of the temporary secondment of employees to the European Union in terms of social security law in the Czech Republic. The fifth study presents, streamlines, analyses in detail and clarifies the issues of the shared economy not only in the view of the Czech legal regulation of labour relations relationships. The following study very precisely analyses, deeply explains and compares differences relating to the obstacles at employee’s work in the performance of trade union function according to the legal order of the Slovak Republic. The seventh study offers the reader an extensive in-depth analysis of the questions of controlling the employees’ electronic communication in the courts’ decision-making processes. The final, eighth study deals with the analysis and clarification of the application of the European law in decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. The following scientific essay offered in the new issue is devoted to the questions of personnel risks and their prevention. The final section “Information” brings summarising report on the XIII. Dies Luby Iurisprudentiae held on September 28th and 29th, 2017, under the title Social Function of Law and Growing Wealth Inequality.

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