Issue 2023-03

Issue 2023-03

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2023-03
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The third issue of the eleventh volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of three separate scientific studies as well as one scientific essay. The very first study offers readers a very comprehensive and detailed view of the key and extremely topical issues of the use of the forensics in criminal proceedings, while relying on illustrative examples from the Romanian judicial practice. The following study thoroughly analyses, clarifies and exemplarily explains the issue of the latest labour-law perspective on the status issues of platform work in the legal environment of the Slovak Republic. The third and, at the same time, the last study concentrates on a very detailed clarification as well as in-depth analysis and comprehensive synthesis of the legal implications of the European Court of Human Rights’ decision in the case of Halet v. Luxembourg. Scientific essay included at the end of the current issue offers stimulating and interesting analytical remarks on the scientific monograph called “Critical Constitutionalism: Ideas for Constitutional Transition in the Post-COVID-19 Era”, written in Spanish by Diego Valadés.

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