Issue 2014-03

Issue 2014-03

Issue of Scientific Journal No. 2014-03
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The third issue of the second volume of the journal SOCIETAS ET IURISPRUDENTIA offers a total of nine separate scientific studies in two languages – in the English and Slovak languages. The first study offers readers very carefully, systematically and in detail the questions of the case law of international arbitration, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities in the area of protection of the rights of indigenous (native) peoples. The following study analyzes the key issues of the legal framework of the mediation institute and the mediator status under the Bulgarian law. The third study analyzes and on basis of individual cases explains the fundamental questions of legal protection of the intangible cultural heritage. The following study concentrates on questions of possibilities, limits as well as mutual interaction between the European Union law and the nuclear liability legislation. The fifth study streamlines and clarifies the current issues of criminal liability of legal entities in the Slovak Republic. The following scientific paper offers readers clarifying the questions of education and training in the field of safety and health at work, specifically from the perspective of the Slovak Republic. The seventh study, based on research realized in the Slovak business companies, comprehensively clarifies and evaluates the issues related to need of realizing the personnel audit. In order the penultimate study defines and comprehensively explains the issues connected with performance management and work performance appraisal in business companies. And finally, the last study very precisely analyzes and deeply evaluates the websites’ accessibility of the all individual self-governing regions in the Slovak Republic from the view of applying the skip navigation mechanism.

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